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Email Marketing. Marketing Automation. Sales CRM. Messaging.

Enhance your marketing and sales processes through automation. Send personalized us, and customer behavior-based messages at the right time, to the right person, enhancing customer experience. As a result, you get more satisfied customers and grow your business. Learn why over 150,000 companies rely on ActiveCampaign.

From. 8.00 €/mo.


Office 365 Business offers all the tools you need for your business. Office applications, business email, cloud storage, and much more.

  • Enterprise level Exchange email service with your own domain name

  • Use familiar Office 365 applications anywhere, anytime

  • A data secure solution for corporate communication, and file sharing

From 4.90 €/mo.


All you need to achieve the best results, all in one package. Gmail business email, shared calendars, real-time contact tools, and more.

  • Your company’s Gmail email with you own domain

  • Office tools on all devices

  • Advanced enterprise administrator tools

From 4.90 €/mo.


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Louhi WordPress hosting is a fully WordPress optimized, safe, fast, and secure, premium-level hosting service. From 15,90 €/mo.

With Nexetic Shield, your workstation is backed up in a domestic cloud. Download, install, and forget.

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