Nexetic Shield Backup for G Suite

Protect your critical data in Google’s G Suite

Backup for G Suite provides automatic backup for your critical data. Immediate data recovery, GDPR compatibility, protection against user errors and malware.

From 3.99 €/mo. / user


32% of companies have already lost information in cloud services

Why safeguarding information is important

Deployment at the touch of a button – Carefree maintenance

You do not have to install anything on to your computer. You can add security layers on all business users and all G Suite services with just one click.

You will see all G Suite users in your company’s Shield G Suite management portal. You can control the status of backups and add new users to the backup.

You sign in with your G Suite username. Permissions are also read directly from G Suite.

All your data is secure 24/7

A backup is automatically made twice a day, which is why your information is always safe, regardless of time or place.

Restoring data

Are you in need of more disk space?

Shared additional disk space for all business users

Additional disk space is required if the total disk space provided with user licenses is insufficient.

  • 50 GB 2.83 €/mo.

  • 100 GB 4.91 €/mo.

  • 250 GB 11.06 €/mo.

  • 500 GB 28.26 €/mo.

  • 1 TB 37.71 €/mo.

Shield Backup G Suite

  • Gmail backup

  • Google Drive backup

  • Team Driven backup

  • 50 GB backup space per user

  • Shared disk space

Protects your critical data from Google G Suite

From 3.99 €/mo. / user

  • Gmail backup
  • Contact information backup
  • Calendar backup
  • Google Drive backup
  • Team Drive backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Restore with one click
  • Fully automated backup
  • Backups several times a day
  • Centralized management
  • Full backup
  • Full or partial restore
  • Version history
  • Search functionality
  • User restore
  • Admin restore
  • Archiving
  • 256 AES encryption
  • User-specific encryption keys
  • Audit Log
  • Two-Step Verification
  • Login with your own or G Suite username
  • Permissions are read from G Suite
  • Certified Data Centers, TSA (Technical Supervisory Association): TÜV
  • High availability TIER III
  • Verified data is stored within the EU
  • Supported browsers  Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari
  • Does not require installation of separate software