Louhi Varmistaja™ – backup service

With Louhi Varmistaja™, you secure your server’s data securely and regularly. It is possible to open the backup service for a virtual server provided by Louhi or for a physical server in a data center. You can choose whether you want to secure only part of your data or all of it.

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Secure your business

The backup service prevents data loss even when it is caused by an unforeseeable human error or application failure. The service guarantees continuity of the customer’s business and rapid recovery from disaster situations. The physical backup server system is located in the Greater Helsinki area.

An entire Snapshot can be taken from the servers or just selected items such as files and folders. A more common Snapshot backup enables fast recovery when the recovery can be done using the whole disk image. Snapshot backup is the recommended option as recovery time from the problem situation is much faster than recovery of selected items.

Backups are taken once a day (at night) and has a retention time of 7 or 30 days. If you need an alternative storage time that is also possible.

The cost of backups varies depending on the amount of data, the source system, and the authentication method. Our sales team will also be happy to help.

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