Data Center Services

Our data center services are produced at Datacenter Finland’s high-availability, energy and environmentally friendly datacenters. You can rent a rack or an entire cabinet from the same server space where Louhi’s other services are produced. Choose from our existing service packages or contact our sales department if you need more space or additional services.

From 71,77 €/month

Palvelinhotelli Pizza (1U)

On rack unit (1U). 350 W electric. IP Addresses: 1 pc. Contract period minimum 3 months.

71,77 €/month

Palvelinhotelli Tupla (2U)

Two rack units (2U). 500W Electric. IP addresses: 2pc. Contract period minimum 3 months.

120,16 €/month

Features of Data Center Products

Functional reliability is enhanced by the fast fiber of the server room, the power supply is secured with UPS solutions and backup power generators. Cooling of the device has been duplicated at a minimum and is monitored by an automated system. Other aspects of physical security are also provided in accordance with standards.

Datacenter visits and maintenance work

It is possible for Louhi customers to arrange a visit to the datacenter on weekdays from 8 to 17, or alternatively server maintenance work can be left to the Louhi experts. The device status is monitored, guarded and access is limited so service visits need to be agreed upon separately with a designated person.

Special needs are taken into account

We pay attention to all of our customer’s special needs. For example you can connect your server to a VPN network or add your service to Louhi’s monitoring, maintenance and security solutions. Please contact us and we will make you an offer.

Are you in need or more capacity or would you like to add additional services?

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