Agile Goodi™ applications & solutions

Is your company struggling with a system, process or bottleneck? Do you want an affordable, fast and 100% customized application for your company for your staff to use to solve a problem? This is why we developed Good!

What are Goodi solutions?
The Goodi solution is a solution created for the company’s own individual problem. It can be almost anything. The solutions are often business support applications, such as process and report tools, dashboards, electronic forms, integrations and automation. Our solutions are based on the possibilities of the Google Cloud platform and a competent team of coders and designers familiar with Google services.

Goodi bikes emphasize speed and the solution of individual needs, as well as affordability compared to traditional software and application development.

Täsmä™ specification services

A development project planned, but only in the initial stages? With Goodi’s Täsmä specification services, you can use our experts to design your process, system and application projects. You can use the services for certain parts of your project or, alternatively, you can leave your project in our hands, from planning to implementation.

In particular, the Täsmä requirements definition service helps the company find out what kind of Goodi solution is suitable. Our experts will map the situation and tell you if there is a suitable solution in the Goodi library.