Goodi: Google Business Services & Solutions

Louhi is a full-service Google partner, trusted by more than 1,200 Google Workspace customers. Because of this, we have concentrated the Google business completely under our own brand, which will be known as Goodi!

Goodi™ is the brand name of Louhe’s Google services. Under it, you will find all Google-related products and services, from Workspace and Chromebooks to individual low-code and no-code solutions, which are customer-specific solutions for business hubs. We also provide everything you need to use Google Workspace and Google Cloud services as well as Chromebook computers. You can get all services by electronic invoicing, and we offer Finnish-language support and expert services for them.

We have succeeded in helping our Google customers get significantly more benefits from Google Workspace by programmatically expanding the existing functionality to meet their business needs.

With our solutions, we challenge the old model of doing things by utilizing the existing Google Workspace infrastructure, which we expand using no-code and low-code tools. Even if these are not familiar terms, they mean to you that you will get precise solutions tailored to your needs quickly and cost-effectively.