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G Suite is now Google Workspace

A flexible and innovative solution for people and organizations to work more efficiently.

Whether your team is working on spreadsheets, chatting, email, video calling, or all of the above, work between applications without losing any important data.

From 6.75 €/mo./user

All the tools you need, now in one place.

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Make decisions even faster, face to face

With shared calendars, you can see when others are available and schedule appointments with automatic email invitations.

Turn your meeting into a one-click video conference on any camera-equipped computer, phone, or tablet.

Screen sharing allows for quick decisions and commenting among your co-workers.

Save and share files in the cloud

You can keep all your work in one place and access it safely on your computer, phone, or tablet.

You can quickly invite others to collaborate and view or download any file. Email attachments are not required.

File updates are automatically saved to Drive, so everyone can always use the latest version.

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Protect your data and devices.

Protect your company’s data with a variety of security settings, such as 2-step authentication and single sign-on. Terminal Management keeps your data safe in the event of a lost device or employee turnover.

Archive emails and official chats and determine how long they will be kept.

Configuring security settings is easy with a centralized management console. In addition, Louhi’s support is available by phone and email on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Google Workspace makes working together easier

Frequently asked

What’s in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)?

Like G Suite, all Google Workspace packages include your company’s own email address and sharing tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites. See our contract and pricing page for more information.

Can my company try Google Workspace before committing to the package?

Absolutely. All packages include a 14-day free trial so you can see the benefits of Google Workspace before committing to the package. Click here to start your free trial.

Which Google Workspace package is best for my business?

We offer several different packages designed to meet the individual needs of companies. Take a look at our package and pricing page and choose the package that best suits your business needs.

You can use the service by placing an order through our online store or by taking advantage of a 14-day trial period. Contact our sales service for trial usage credentials. You also need a domain to enable the service. You can either use the existing one or we will be happy to help you find a new one!

Yes. Our portfolio includes enterprise-class packages that include enterprise-class security and compliance features, flexible cloud storage solutions, and powerful meeting capabilities. Contact sales for more information.
Google has developed G Suite into a comprehensive, integrated user experience for our various communication and sharing tools. At the same time, G Suite has been rebranded as Google Workspace because it better reflects the product vision.

By purchasing the service from Google Partner, Louhe, you will have access to the same functionalities offered by Google Workshop, combined with the benefits provided by the Finnish provider. We offer you e.g. the following benefits:

  • We will help you set up and configure the service. Our knowledgeable and trained staff will help you even after the start.
  • You will have access to Finnish billing methods
  • By centralizing other services with us, the management of the services will be significantly easier
  • Also check out Google Workspace training here.

Select the version you want. Try it for free for 14 days.

Business Starter

  • Monthly price per user
    • Secure business email with your own domain name
    • Video meetings of 100 participants
    • 30 Gt of cloud storage for each user
    • Security and management features
    • Support in Finnish on weekdays between 8-18
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Business Standard

  • Monthly price per user
    • Secure business email with your own domain name
    • Video meetings and recording for 150 participants
    • Model documents according to the company's brand easily
    • 2 Tt of cloud storage space per user to be shared jointly
    • Security and management features
    • Support in Finnish on weekdays between 8-18
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Business Plus

  • Monthly price per user
    • Secure business e-mail with your own domain name and e-Discovery and storage features
    • Video meetings and recording of 250 participants and participant information
    • 5 Tt of cloud storage space per user to be shared jointly
    • Powerful data security and management features, such as Vault and versatile management of terminal devices
    • Support in Finnish on weekdays between 8-18
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Enterprise licenses

Ask for an offer
  • Contact sales and ask about prices 
    • Secure business e-mail with your own domain name and e-Discovery, storage features and S/MIME encryption
    • 250-participant video meetings and recording, attendee information, background noise suppression and in-domain live streaming
    • All the storage you need
    • Powerful security, management and compliance features such as Vault, data loss prevention (DLP), data zones and enterprise-grade endpoint management
    • Support in Finnish on weekdays between 8-18
Productivity and shared useBusiness StarterBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise
Gmail Business email
The company's own email address
Phishing and spam protection that blocks over 99.9% of attacks
Email without ads
Meet Video and audio conferences100 participants150 participants250 participants250 participants
Duration of the meeting (max)24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
US or international phone numbers
Digital writing board
Saving meeting recordings to Google Drive
Surveys and K & V functions
Background noise suppression
Internal live streaming of the domain
Drive Secure cloud storage30 Gt per user2 Tt per user5 Tt per userAs much as you need
Drive File Stream
Support for more than 100 file types
Shared Drives for the whole team
chatChat Team communication
History on or off by default
Automatic acceptance of invitations
Off-domain chats
Calendar Shared calendars
Browsing and booking meeting rooms
Docs, Sheets, Slides Content creation using collaboration tools
Shared notes
Website creation tool Sites
Forms survey creation tool
Compatibility with Office files
Smart filling, Smart emptying and Answers to facilitate analysis
Help with writing Smart typing, grammar suggestions and automatic spelling correction
Document and form templates according to the company's brand
Combined Tables
AppSheetAppSheet App development without coding
CurrentsCurrents Employees' voice heard
CloudCloud Search Intelligent searchFirst Party DataFirst Party DataFirst and third party data

Security and maintenance

Two-step verification
Policy settings based on groups
Additional protection program
Terminal managementBasic levelBasic levelAdvancedEnterprise level
Vault - data storage, archiving and search
Encrypted LDAP
Data loss prevention (DLP)
Cloud Identity Premium
Contextual access
Information security center
S/MIME encryption
Data areas
Transparency of usage rights

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