Google support

Hessu™ & Mikki™ – Remote support and Super Admin services

Don’t be alone with your questions and problems. GoodI’s Google-certified experts will help you with all Google-related issues and development needs, giving your team the opportunity to focus on running your business. Google support is available directly to users and to your organization’s system administrators.

Hessu™-Help service- Support for Google Workspace and Chromebook users

Google Workspace is a rapidly developing basic information system for companies. New features and changes are coming agilely every month. It can be difficult for a basic user to keep track of all the possibilities. For this need, we designed a helping hand – when you’re really Goofy, call us!

  • Where is the Find-function in Google Sheets?

  • Can I share files with non-Google users?

  • How do I create a shared folder for the sales team?

  • How can I record a Google Meet meeting?

  • Emails not going through?

  • Where can I turn on 2-step authentication?

Let the tools do the work for you and get the most out of Google Workspace with our help. We help you use the functions in the most suitable way for your work tasks.

Hessu™ Help service price is 1,90 €/kk/user +VAT

Mikki™- Manager service for the entire Google

Google’s applications and platforms are a large and versatile entity. When used correctly, the company’s productivity improves and you can focus on running your business. Utilizing the best practices, however, requires experience and expert support for problem solving. Contact us if you are a Google Admin and want to raise your organization’s information security or remote and teamwork features to a level that even Mickey would be amazed by.

Mikki – Admin support and advisory service for Google Workspace, Chromebook, and Enterprise organizations..

Our Google experts advise your organization to make the most of the possibilities of Google Workspace.

  • Creating an organizational structure

  • Groups and shared mailboxes

  • Best practices in data security

  • User management

  • Device management

  • Drive usage rights

  • The reliable flow of email

With a functional structure and proportionate settings, your organization runs smoothly, and files and emails don’t get overwhelmed. In addition to advice and suggestions, if necessary, we can do more extensive consulting or audits as separate projects.

License level€/kk +VAT