Louhi Skaala – scale your WordPress business to the next level

Automatically scalable WordPress hosting and centralized site management for advertising agencies, resellers and freelancers.

With Louhi Skaala, management of all (including external) WP sites is free. You only pay if you create a new site that uses the capacity of the cloud service.

Louhi Skaala auto-scaling WP platform from Google Hamina, now on sale for the first 100 for just 14,90 €/month (norm 24,90€)

Automatically scaling WordPress hosting

A scalable hosting platform will take even bigger as well as surprising visitor peaks – without you having to do anything! For example, if you run online stores or campaign sites, visitor spikes can cause unexpected problems. Louhi Pro Skaala solves the problem by automatically creating copies of the site and distributing traffic between those copies. The system also calculates capacity automatically, so you don’t pay unnecessarily.

Customer and billing management

Manage your customers and send invoices directly from the system. Stripe integration provides an easy way to bill your end customers for webhosting services.

Centralized management

Save time by managing your WordPress sites through a centralized management interface. For example, install the add-on on hundreds of sites at once with a few mouse clicks!

Automate website maintenance (coming soon)

Build your own automations to work for you, like automatic comment removal or updates.

The service is produced in collaboration with Wonsta.

Wonsta Google Cloud WordPress hosting partner

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Premium-level WordPress hosting

For the first time, Louhi is making a hosting service based on Google Cloud technologies available to its customers. The environment is fully optimized for publishing WordPress sites. All sites are automatically installed with the latest version of WordPress, an optimized Nginx environment, Redis cache, and many other Google Cloud technologies such as load balancing, Google Cloud Armor, and Google Cloud CDN.

Customer and billing management

Websites published on the Louhi Skaala platform are easy and fast to bill end users. Stripe integrated into the system enables automatic invoicing. You can create your own pricing models and packages. The key metrics of your webhosting business are displayed in a clear view.

Centralized site management

Instead of maintaining sites one at a time, Louhi Skaala allows for centralized management. For example, you can install an add-on on hundreds of sites at once, or even force 2FA authentication on them. You can manage sites opened through the Louhi Skaala as well as sites hosted elsewhere. Simply connecting the site to the service is free.

Frequently asked Questions

Registration and linking to the site to be managed through the service is free.

As a publication offer, we offer the first 100 sites hosted through Louhi Skaala at a fixed price of € 14.90 / month and scaled to € 0.02 / hour per site copy. You only pay for additional resources (site copy) depending on usage. Normal price € 24.90 / month and scaled € 0.033 / hour per site copy.

Yes! The service also works great as a hosting service for individual websites.
The server capacity is the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure from the Hamina data center. The electricity in Hamina’s data center is produced 94% from renewable energy sources.

Louhi Skaala differs from other hosting products above all by its scalability. In addition, the service includes customer and site management tools that are especially suitable for advertising agencies.