Louhi WP Repair

Louhi WP Repair will help when your WP site is broken, or you need an immediate fix for a page. Get help right away. WP Repair is an express service for your website.

WP Repair helps you when…

WP Repair quick maintenance work costs 30€ per starting 15min.
(If you have the WP Care service or you are a PRO customer, express maintenance work only costs 17.50€ per starting 15 min.)

Note! If you are not a Louhi customer, we may not be able to take all corrective action.

Are you looking for a maker for a new website?

Note! Louhi WP Repair does not create new sites or entities. At maximum, we can copy and edit structures / pages. If you are looking for a maker for new pages, check out the Website Service Kotisivupalvelu, where you will find over 50 WordPress Development Professionals.