What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are new-age computers that enable fast hybrid work, sharing and collaboration. They enable company functions from anywhere, and are good shared devices. Chromebooks are the number one choice for a business that uses Google services such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Meet video conferencing.

Why Chromebooks are good business computers?

1. Fast, easy, and always up-to-date – made for effective collaboration

Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and you’ll never see the “Start computer for updates” box because the operating system will update automatically. The speed and long battery life of Chromebooks guarantee an efficient working day and work from anywhere. Web applications and files stay up-to-date thanks to cloud synchronization, so collaboration is fast and effortless. For example, joint editing and commenting of files can be done in no time in Google Docs, and file versions are updated in the same document.

2. The Google environment is designed for collaboration

Does your company use Google’s Gmail, Drive, or Meet? Chromebooks are especially well suited for use with Google Workspace and other Google business services and productivity applications! Even Microsoft services can be used via a web browser. You also have access to millions of downloadable applications from the Google Play Store, Chrome Web Store, or Workspace Marketplace for work and leisure

3. As your own device or to share

Chromebooks are easy to use as shared devices, as you log in with your own Google account. There can be one or more users on the same computer, and applications and files can be used from any Chromebook with your own account.

4. Enough power

A Chromebook doesn’t require heavy equipment and a processor to be efficient thanks to its lightweight operating system, cloud storage, and cloud processing. However, the comprehensive Professional level machines offered by Goodi are optimized for multitasking applications and perform even more challenging tasks (see the technical data of the devices).

Chromebook laptops are suitable for those who work on the move – and also for remote work.

Chromebooks are easy to carry, and several models are designed for remote working – wherever you work! The models chosen by Goodi’s experts also come with a SIM card slot, so that the Internet is available wherever you are. However, lack of internet is not a problem, as most applications also work offline on Chromebooks, and all models have high-quality Bluetooth and wifi connections.

Below we tell you more about the ergonomic, 360° rotatable touchscreen models (Professional & Business) equipped with a bright screen!

Why a Chromebook rental laptop?

Don’t worry anymore about the company’s equipment purchase, outsource it to Goodi! Renting Chromebooks from Goodi is easy, flexible and risk-free, as the devices include a one-year device warranty. If there is a fault with the device, we will send you another Chromebook while the service is in progress. The Chromebook is ordered for two years, after which the order can be extended at an affordable monthly price (from €4.9/month), the machine can be updated to the desired model with a new contract, or the contract can be terminated.

Since Chromebooks are logged in with a Google account, it’s easy to change their users – even on a daily basis. The data is stored in your own Google account, and local files can only be accessed by logging into the account. This makes Chromebooks particularly popular as shared devices. By ordering Chromebooks for your team from Goodi for a monthly fee, you ensure that each employee has enough machines – without committing to frequently updated Windows / Mac equipment. Chromebooks work well as the user’s main device, backup device or in shared use for, for example, summer workers.

Chromebooks to try easily from Goodi!

Goodi now offers Chromebook laptops cheaply with a monthly payment starting at 19.9 €/month (ask for more about the introductory offer of 12.5 €/month). We have three Acer models in our selection, which have a machine for every level of use. Check out the models and their technical information below.

No more big one-time purchases and licenses here and there. Since the Chromebook is a perfect working pair with the company’s Google Workspace environment, we offer device rental & Workspace licenses as a package at a lower price, ask for more!

CB PROFESSIONAL: Acer Chromebook Spin 713 i5/8/256 13.5″

For professionals working with Google Workspace – quality at a reasonable price.

Here is a diamond Heavy use machine! The 2K resolution IPS touchscreen rotates 360 degrees, enabling ease of use anywhere. The device also contains the most powerful Intel processors of Chromebooks and a comprehensive memory, which means that multitasking applications does not create a problem. Thanks to the SIM card slot, you are connected wherever you are.

Price: 42.90 €/month (24-month contract, incl. PRO remote support service)
Prices do not include VAT 24%. Sales to businesses only.

The price after the contract period is 7.90 €/month

CB BUSINESS: Acer Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513 Q/8/128 13,3″

For pro-level work – even from your home sofa!

Acer’s 513 model is the perfect compromise between efficiency and style – without stretching the wallet. A clear touch screen, 360° rotatable body, light structure, and comprehensive memory and processor guarantee uninterrupted conversations and seamless work. Thanks to the SIM card slot, you are connected wherever you are.

Price: 29.90 €/month (24-month contract, incl. PRO remote support service)
Prices do not include VAT 24%. Sales to businesses only.

The price after the contract period is 7.90 €/month

CB BASIC: Acer Chromebook 314 CEL/4/64 14″

Inexpensive basic laptop – good enough for video calls, remote work, and Google Workspace applications!

Easy, compact and fast CB model for daily work with basic features. A 12.5-hour battery life, light construction and enough memory for Chromebooks guarantee smooth work. This model combines affordability and the necessary features – i.e. the best model in the selection for basic work.

Price: 19.90 €/month (24-month contract, incl. PRO remote support service)
Prices do not include VAT 24%. Sales to businesses only.

The price after the contract period is 4.90 €/month