Cookie notifications as a service for WordPress sites

Get legal cookie notifications for your site with one order!

From 400 €  +VAT

Do you monitor what your site visitor is doing on the website?

Under current law, all websites that use cookies or monitor user activity in any way must have appropriate notices about the tracking and how the information is used. Implementation methods and requirements vary from organization to organization, but the most popular method on WordPress sites is still the so-called cookie banner. Order cookie notifications from Louhi at once as a turnkey solution.

Price from 400€ start-up fee and then 9 €/month + VAT.

How does the project progress?

1. Creating a report and evaluating the current situation

We will first generate a cookie report for your current website. This will serve as the basis for the project and will take approximately 1-2 business days.

2. Review and design of results

The next step is to make a project plan. We will use the cookie report as a basis and together we will review the cookies that are uploaded to the website, their purpose and we will create a project plan.

3. Enable cookie notifications

The final step is then to put the agreed things into practice! We will enable the CookieBot tool for the website and create an appropriate cookie page that lists the cookies used on the website.

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