Louhi Kuriiri

Complete protection for your business email traffic

Louhi Kuriiri is an advanced email security solution based on the F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway platform, which brings spam filtering to a new level.

1.50 €/mo. / user +VAT

+ Base fee 12.90 €/mo. / domain +VAT

Self-learning spam filtering for emails

Spam filtering filters email by checking over one million different features and learns from your content and choices about which messages you think are junk and which are relevant.

Louhi Kuriiri is based on F-Secure’s high-quality Messaging Security Gateway Gateway platform. The filtering system is automatically updated, and includes the latest tags to detect harmful programs and global spam waves. Because the service is delivered at the name server level, filtering can be linked to all email services.

Email encryption with the secure mail function

It is possible to route emails through the service so that they can be encrypted and securely delivered to the recipient. Now available for Office 365 emails! Set up fee: 120 € (Incl. VAT)

Features and Rates

Louhi Kuriiri is also available for existing email services. We deliver services within 1-3 days of ordering. Delivery does not cause any breaks in email activity.

1.50 €/mo. / user +VAT

+ Base fee 12.90 €/mo. / domain +VAT

Compatible solutions

Louhi Kuriiri can be used for the following solutions:

  • Louhi Webhosting
  • Microsoft 365

  • Google Workspace

  • Hosted Exchange
  • Your email server

As email traffic is recycled through a separate spam filtering service, it can be plugged in to virtually any email service. Encryption for email traffic can be linked to Microsoft 365 emails.

Louhi Kuriisi brings comprehensive confidentiality wherever it is needed

Filter incoming and outgoing emails, encrypted mails, block data leaks, keep your communications private and your business completely confidential.