An intelligent site publishing system for Google Workspace

Create a website from your Google Workspace content in minutes. Overdrive integrates fully with Google Drive: you simply choose which Drive content you want to create your site from, and it creates site structure, menus, and pages at the touch of a button, saving you time, money, and effort.

The content on your site is the same as your Drive content and will stay in full sync. Whether you change either, the other will change automatically. Users can also sign in without a Google Account, so you can easily collaborate with all of your stakeholders in one solution.

Create any kind of site for limited or public use, from simple team pages to advanced business and educational solutions.

Intranets | Project workspaces | Digital libraries
Extranets | Training portals | Wiki’s | Data room

From 12.00 €/mo. (VAT 0%)

Try it for 30 days for free!

Forget traditional ways of publishing content!

The overdrive publishing system creates your site and its content directly from Google Drive. You just select what part of the Drive content you want to use and Overdrive creates the page structure, menus and pages for you at the touch of a button.

The content of the site is the same as your content on Drive. Both are in sync with each other and with a few content in one it also changes in the other automatically.

Save time, money and effort

Installation and maintenance is effortless and saves significant time, money and effort compared to other solutions. You can use the free time to create higher quality content.

Anyone can use

You don’t have to be a technical expert to build a site for your own and your team’s needs. When you know how to use Google Drive and create documents, you also know how to create sites with Overdrive.

Choose the look and feel and content you want from Drive, share your site, and then relax. It is easy to maintain and the site is so handy that it can update itself.

What is it suitable for?

If you use Google Drive and need to create websites for limited or public use, Overdrive is the best solution for you.

Signing in to the site doesn’t require a Google Account, and it allows you to collaborate online with anyone.

Intranets | Shared workspaces for projects | Wiki’s | Support sites | Portals for educational institutions | Event sites Data rooms | Marketing material banks

Who is Overdrive suitable for?

OverDrive is suitable for companies of all sizes. In the new standard, information sharing and shared workspaces with telecommuters and customers are a must. When you collaborate and share data with customers, your staff is telecommuting, or your institution is at a distance, you need a reliable and easy platform to share information whether you represent a one-person company or a college of thousands of students.

Thousands of companies and educational institutions around the world are already taking advantage of it.

Ready-made Overdrive integrations with other services


Käyttöoikeuksien hinnat
Eur/kk/käyttäjä (ALV 0%)
YrityskäyttöOppilaitokset ja voittoatavoittelemattomat järjestöt
Muokkaaja (Editor, aina vähintään 3 kpl)4,002,40
Lukija (Viewer)0,800,50

For companies, the smallest possible configuration therefore costs 12.00 Eur / month (VAT 0%), which consists of three Modifier users. You can build as many sites as you want. Reader users are charged based on the users who sign in to your site.

Users of a public website created with Overdrive and published online do not need any license.

  • Editor refer to users who are responsible for the structure of the site, change the style and manage e.g. its access rights.
  • Viewer(s) are users of the site, other than the editors who log in.

It is good to note that in the case of an intranet, for example, any business user who is authorized to store data in the Drive folder read by Overdrive can be a content producer without having to have rights to Overdrive at all or having read-only rights if otherwise needed. for intranet use.

The number of sites does not affect pricing.

Starting point

For three customer projects, an SME wants to create its own digital project space, a public website for the company, an internal intranet for information sharing, and a data room for board work.

  • The company has ten employees
  • Five, seven and twelve customer representatives work on different customer projects, each in addition to the company’s own employees.
  • In addition to the owner-CEO, the Board has two external members.

How many different users are needed?

  • For the company’s employees for intranets and customer projects: 3 Editor users + 7 other Reader users in your organization
  • For customers for different project spaces: 5 + 7 + 12 = 24 Reader users
  • Data for external members of the Board for Rome: 2 Reader users (one of the members is the owner-CEO, who already has access)
  • For the company’s public website: 0 Reader users (The company already has three editors and only users who require a login need access)
  • In total, you need: 3 Editors + 33 Readers

Monthly price

The total price is calculated: 3 x 4.00 Eur / month / Editor + 33 x 0.80 Eur / month / Reader = 38.40 Eur / month (VAT 0%).

Overdrive is easy to use, but does it still need support for design?

OverDrive is easy and intuitive to use. We therefore also use it in our own operations.

However, if you need help getting started, we will be happy to help. The OverDrive Mäkilähtö Workshop is then the right solution for you.

It is held in two parts for 2 h + 1 h:

  1. In the first part, we talk about the possibilities of OverDrive and give tips. We help you design the content and structure of your site, and organize your Google Drive to fit your site. Finally, we build one site together.
  2. The second part reviews the issues raised and makes the necessary adjustments.

After the workshop, you will have the site ready for use and you will be able to develop it independently after that. We will help you become the hero of cooperation in the new normal.

The price of the OverDrive Mäkilähtö Workshop is 360.00 Eur (VAT 0%).

In Finnish

The interface of the Overdrive solution is available in several different languages – also in Finnish. We also offer Finnish language user support for all Overdrive orders ordered through Louhi.

Start the trial or the demo through Louhi’s sales team

After the trial, you can purchase and continue to use the product while maintaining the changes you have made.        010 841 5654