Nexetic Shield

An effortless and reliable way to secure your workstation

With Nexetic Shield, you automatically save files on your computer to Nexetic datacenters located in Finland. If a laptop, or desktop is broken, lost or stolen, you can restore all the files to another computer at the press of a button.

Only 10.00 €/mo. / user


Shield does not require you to download a Nexetic backup service on to your computer. After setup the program automatically takes care of itself. Nexetic: Download, install, forget, and that’s it. It is just that easy to use the Nexetic back-up service. Supported operating systems include: Windows and Mac.


When you start using Nexetic Shield, it will initially download all the files on your computer to the Nexetic data center which is located in Finland. After which the backup service will detect real-time changes in files and automatically back them up to the data center. As such even your newest documents are always secured and backed-up and your computer or internet connection will not even slow down, as there is only a limited amount of data being transferred.


Nexetic Shield is a 100% Finnish solution. All files will be authenticated in Finland and on Finnish servers. Security and file encryption are top-notch. No one other than you or your employee will be able to access them.

  • Highly secure encryption (end-to-end AES 256)
  • Encrypted Data Transfer (TSL)
  • Record Encryption in Data Centers (AES 256)


Nexetic Shield has unlimited storage for computer work files. You pay only 12.40 €/mo. (Incl. VAT), and you don’t need to worry about the amount of certified data and the costs.

Secure your workstation with Nexetic Shield

Only 10.00 €/mo. / user