Google Workspace extensions

There are ready-made extensions for Google Workspace functions for all kinds of needs. At the moment, Louhe’s selection includes a few extensions that enhance the use of Gmail.

Gmail Contact collector

Gmail Contact collector is a handy email address collection tool for Google Workspace email. It allows you to search all contact information with a certain criterion, even from the text content of email messages, in one and the same contact table. With the add-on, you get a list of all email addresses and people you’ve been in contact with or who appear in your email messages

The extension works with the user’s Google account, so it does not store data externally. Your contact information and the content of emails therefore remain safe, and the information is only saved to your own Google Drive. The extension is Google-compatible and complies with Google’s terms of service.

Gmail Drive storage

With this add-on, Gmail emails are automatically saved as PDF files to your own Google Drive, where they can be easily viewed and backed up.

You can set different rules for saving emails, according to which you only save certain types of email messages, for example. In addition, you can filter email messages based on time, recipient, content or tags.

The plugin keeps track of saved files in a log file. The log shows the sender’s information and other important identifiers, so you can see the saved emails at a glance in a convenient list. The list also has a link to the file in the Drive folder.

Personalized emails

This Gmail add-on for Google Workspace allows you to send personalized emails in bulk to several users without classifying the messages as offers. This way you can reach your recipient more easily. Sending can be done directly from Gmail, and there is no need for a separate sending program, and thanks to its merits, messages will reach their destination better.

With the add-on, you can also track the opening of messages and clicks on links. With it you can easily create unique and targeted emails, saving a lot of your time.

The extension uses Google Sheets to list recipients, and with it, if you wish, you can also send a unique attachment to each recipient, choose the exact time of sending, monitor sent campaigns, design an email using the built-in editor. Mailing lists and contacts are also created using a Google Sheet, where you can add recipient names, titles, emails, place names and other information that you want to personalize and target messages. You can reuse your mailing lists when planning your next posts.

The extension works with the user’s Google account, so it does not store data externally. Your contact list and the content of your emails will therefore remain safe, and the information will only be stored in your own Gmail and Sheet. The extension is fully Google compatible and complies with Google’s terms of service.