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We have over 15 years of experience hosting WordPress sites. We have been providing platform services for WordPress sites for as long as the WordPress publishing system has existed. Our strong expertise is evidenced by the more than 10,000 WP sites we maintain.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular website publishing system in terms of number of installations. More than 40% of all websites in the world are implemented with WordPress. WordPress is suitable as a platform for both smaller and larger marketing sites, blogs or even online stores. Deploying and basic use of a WordPress site does not require extensive technical knowledge – you can easily get started with ready-made themes, and the features can be expanded with thousands of add-ons to install.

What do WordPress websites consist of?

WordPress allows you to build rich websites, but it also requires a bit of maintenance. A typical WordPress project consists of the following pieces, which you can either take care of yourself or order as a service from Louhi, for example.

WordPress sivusto kuvake


Server status, domain, and SSL certificate


WordPress and add-ons pre-installed


Installations, optimizations and configurations as a service

Content production

Website implementation from a trusted partner

Support and Maintenance

Help and support for all phases of the project

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A state-of-the-art hosting service is at the heart of every WordPress website that truly promotes your business. Choose the right domain for your business and build trust with your customers with an SSL certificate. You can easily get all of this as a whole by subscribing to the Louhi Application Hotel WordPress package.


  • Comprehensive Premium platform: WordPress application hotel (from € 15.90 / month) READ MORE


The needs vary and therefore the whole of WordPress software with different themes and add-ons also varies. If software installation is not a core competency, you can get the best add-ons pre-installed and configured to suit your needs.

Examples of solutions

  • Limiting malicious and unnecessary bot traffic from the site
  • WordPress development environment integrated into production
  • WordPress Toolkit Deluxe – cPanel’s most comprehensive management and automation service for WP sites ORDER
  • Wordfence Premium – security add-on (4.92 € / month) Read more

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Deployment and installation

You get WordPress as a comprehensive and customized package. So we move your site to Louhi’s platform and optimize and configure it for you.

Examples of solutions

  • Transfer of the site to the Louhi environment as a service READ MORE

  • One-time installments of WordPress, add-ons and themes
  • Website speed optimization as a service
  • Deploy and connect Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel to WordPress as a service
  • Link Conversion Tracking to a Form or Ecommerce Store
  • ActiveCampaign Deployment Service and Integration with WordPress
  • Install and configure the chat function on the customer’s pages on a turnkey basis
  • Cookie notifications as a service for WordPress pages  READ MORE

  • Business-specific Search Engine Optimization for a WordPress site that ensures the continued implementation of the company’s SEO strategy on the site.

Content production

You can get help creating the site from our partners, who we have listed on the Kotisivupalvelu.fi portal. Our partners help and provide the service for creating, designing, implementing, updating and renewing websites.

Examples of solutions

  • Website for the company
  • Marketing pages for a product or service
  • Online stores
  • System integrations

Content Production Services for You is provided by Kotisivupalvelu.fi

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Support and maintenance

Make sure your site works with worry-free maintenance services. Complete your organization’s WordPress skills with the support and training services provided by Louhi

Examples of solutions

  • Update service for WordPress, add-ons, and themes READ MORE
  • WordPress Application Layer Support Service
  • Change the site address or reset the admin password

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