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Frequently asked questions

On this page we have put together answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. Please first check if you can find the answer to your question here. First, select the topic you are interested in.

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Can I change domain ownership information later on?2018-11-14T09:37:04+02:00

Domain ownership information can be changed later on. The process varies slightly depending on the domain. You can change the domain’s WhoIs information through the My Louhi service.

Does a mere domain name contain an email and website?2018-11-14T09:32:57+02:00

Your domain name does not contain email accounts or a website. You can, however, easily add both of these to the same order. We offer, among other things, hosting, Google G-Suite, or Office 365 services.

Domain transfer help for .com, .net, .org, .eu, .info, .biz2018-09-11T10:46:19+02:00

To transfer a domain from another service provider to Louhi or vice versa, request a move from the party that currently admins the domain.

The transfer process is started by removing the transfer lock. At the same time, you will be sent an email with the domain transfer key to the email address listed on Whois.

To ensure that the transfer process goes smoothly, you should make sure that the email address of the contact person is properly marked in the contacts you’ve provided to Louhi. You can check the contact information on the My Louhi service website.

Another important point in the transfer is the Auth-Code. You have received an authorization code either in a letter delivered to you or the authorization code is with the service provider you are transferring your domain from.

Once the domain transfer process has begun, the contact person will receive an email from Louhi. The message prompts you to navigate to a webpage where you approve the transfer process by pressing the “I Approve” button.

.com, .net, .org, .eu, .info, and .biz – domain are subject to a restriction by which it is not possible to transfer domains that were registered less than 60 days ago.

Often domains are kept locked to prevent invalid transfer messages. Ask your prior service provider to confirm that the transfer lock has been removed before the transfer is started. This does not apply to EU domains.

Domain Transfer help for .fi domains2018-09-11T10:45:35+02:00

The .fi domain terminal is managed through domain brokers. Through domain brokers you can rename domains, manage their contact information, and exchange domain ownership.

The .fi domain can be moved from one broker to another using the holder transfer key, and if the domain owner is to be changed, that can be done using the registrar transfer key. Domain transfer keys can always be requested from the current domain broker. You can check domain details on the FICORA website.

General information on domain transfers2018-09-11T10:47:05+02:00

It is usually possible to transfer a domain from one service provider to another. The transfer methods vary according to the domain.

FI domain transfer and traffic control on to Louhi servers takes place within 2 to 24 hours after beginning the domain transfer. Transfer of other domains usually takes between 5 to 7 business days.

How do I choose a domain?2018-11-14T09:32:25+02:00

The domain name is the first thing that a site visitor finds or how you are identified online. It is a good idea to put thought into the domain name you choose. The best possible domain name is one that is short and easy to remember. Don’t forget more specialty domains such as .io or .pro.

How do I know that the domain I want is available?2018-11-14T09:29:46+02:00

You can check the domain name through the general Whois registers. You can also check the domain’s availability though our domain name search. If the search does not recognize the TLD you want, contact our sales It is quite possible we will be able to get you an offer for the TLD.

How do I transfer my domain?2018-11-14T09:23:45+02:00

Transferring your domain depends heavily on the domain type. If you are in possession of a specialty TLD it is best to ask the service provider how you can transfer the domain. However, for most domains, the transfer is very straightforward:

.fi domains can be successfully transferred using the holder transfer key. This key is used to replace the domain broker. There is a different transfer key for switching the domain owner which the domain broker can generate. The transfer key is always delivered to the domain owner.

For general domains such as .com, .net, .info, or .org a transfer key (EPP-key, authorization key) is used. The transfer generally takes 5-7 business days and the domains must be valid throughout the transfer. The Si-release key also transfers most all other domain names.

Is my information shared with third-parties while registering a domain?2018-11-14T09:27:15+02:00

As with any service provider contact information for the domain is always marked on the Whois register. Whois information is always publicly available, but for some domain terminals it is possible to encrypt data with Whois protection. You can purchase Whois protection from Louhi as an additional service. Unfortunately, Whois protection is not available for country-specific domains (such as the .fi domain). The registrant information is also disclosed to the register bank, which varies with different domains. If you are unable to find the additional service on our shop contact and we will be happy to assist you.

My contract term is running out and I still want to keep my domain. How can I renew my contract?2018-11-14T09:33:31+02:00

About a month before the end of the contract period we will send you an invoice for the new contract period. By paying the invoice services will continue automatically.

The domain I choose is reserved, who owns it?2018-11-14T09:35:29+02:00

You can find the domain owners public information by using the WHOIS register, ex.

What does the .fi domain holder and registrar transfer key mean?2018-11-14T11:21:22+02:00

After the new .fi domain name law that stepping into force in 2016, the old authorization keys were completely discarded. Instead of authorization keys, the holder key and transfer key replaced them.

They holder key is used to only switch the domain administrator or holder. If a domain name is to be transferred to another broker, the current broker may generate a holder key.

The transfer key replaces the domain owner. The transfer key is always delivered to the email address marked for the domain. After receiving a migration request, a domain broker:

  • Ensures that the registrar has the right to transfer the domain
  • Sends a domain transfer key to the domain user without seeing key code content
  • Transfers the domain from one user to another once the transfer key has been delivered to the broker
What domains can I order through Louhi?2018-11-14T09:31:41+02:00

We have the most common domains like, .fi, .com, .org, .net and specialty domains. You can check availability conveniently through our online store.

If the search does not recognize the domain you want, contact our sales It is very possible we can get the TLD for you!

What is a domain name or a domain?2018-11-14T09:27:54+02:00

A domain is your address on the internet. Your entire online identity is associated with the address, so it is worth choosing with care you can usually register it for yourself from one to a few years at a time. The domain name itself does not yet contain websites or emails, so you should always order them separately.

What services can I link to my domain?2018-11-14T09:30:15+02:00

You can include your website and email for example. More broadly, anything can be attached to the domain from redirects, to client systems, to login addresses.

Who can register a .fi-domain?2018-11-14T09:24:22+02:00

All companies, corporations, and individuals can register for a .fi domain regardless of their place of residence. Before registering check the legitimacy of the name and ensure the domain name does not violate a protected name or trademark. For more information see FICORA’s website.

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